Mexican Gastronomy Beyond the Plate

Mexican Gastronomy Beyond the Plate

An increasing movement of chefs is reinventing Mexican cuisine by emphasizing indigenous cooking and ingredients. Some of the world’s top Mexican chefs, such as Enrique Olvera (whose restaurant Pujol has made San Pellegrino’s list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ) are leading this charge.

Sarah Portnoy, an assistant professor at USC Dornsife, has been exploring Mexican culture and migration through a culinary lens. Her research involves traditional recipes, kitchen artifacts and oral histories.

Mexico City

Chefs in Mexico City restaurants are pushing the limits of what people expect of Mexican eateries, challenging preconceptions that restrict Mexican fare to burritos and enchiladas served in cheap plastic bowls while simultaneously raising expectations about what dining experience could look like when Mexican cuisine is at its finest.

Mexico’s chefs and culinary specialists are using traditional techniques and ingredients to elevate dishes while also taking inspiration from Mexico’s extensive culinary history. The end result? New takes on some of the flavors and dishes that have made Mexico one of the world’s premier dining spots.

New York City may not boast the depth of Mexican culture seen in California, Texas and Chicago; but that doesn’t stop its growing culinary scene from blossoming. Chef Enrique Olvera is earning raves at both his upscale Flatiron restaurant and newly opened Atla; his intricate cuisine shows that authentic Mexican dishes can take an intriguing path toward fine-dining options.

Restaurants across the nation are increasingly emphasizing regionally specific Mexican cuisine, satisfying diners’ desire to discover authentic international foods. One example is quesabirria’s surge in popularity – an innovative taco-like dish created from Jalisco goat stew called birria that showcases Mexico’s broad culinary landscape and draws global audiences.

Mexican cuisine draws upon influences from Spanish, French and Indigenous ingredients and cooking methods; yet its own distinctive elements stand out. Mexican chefs are now more eager than ever to share this cuisine with the rest of the world – not only high-end restaurants in Mexico are doing this; many home chefs who prepare and consume Mexican food at home also seek greater knowledge of its cultural roots and traditions.

There are various methods of learning Mexican cuisine, ranging from in-person cooking classes and virtual courses. Live instruction allows novice chefs to interact with an expert chef directly while virtual classes give aspiring cooks the flexibility of studying at their own pace with access to an expert via video chat.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for its gorgeous beaches and welcoming locals, but the cuisine should not be forgotten. This coastal Mexican destination features an innovative culinary style characterized by tropical ingredients, mariscos culture, and vibrant sazon–an elegant combination of old-world flavors with contemporary culinary arts.

Take part in a hands-on cooking class in Puerto Vallarta to master some of Mexico’s signature dishes! As part of this immersive experience, you will learn the techniques used by chefs when crafting their creations – as well as tasting the fruits of your labors when your professional instructor delivers a delectable meal that has resulted from your efforts!

Discover a delicious variety of seafood and meat dishes inspired by Puerto Vallarta’s bounty of tropical ingredients, from deliciously grilled fish like Pescado Zarandeado to delectable Birria stew containing either beef or goat filled with spices for a rich warm flavor.

If you want to explore your culinary horizons while visiting Puerto Vallarta, why not consider taking a mole making class with an expert local chef? During this unique and educational experience, you will learn about the ingredients used to craft one of Mexico’s iconic sauces such as chocolate, nuts and chili peppers used to craft mole. Plus you will have the chance to create it on your own during this fun and interactive cooking class!

If group classes don’t interest you, consider taking a private mole making class with Manu instead. Your intimate culinary journey will begin by visiting a local market and picking out ingredients you will use later on to prepare delicious mole in Manu’s home kitchen. At this stage, there’s also time for conversation between market visits where fresh produce and ingredients may be purchased and discussing any queries with the chef directly – before leaving with your very own homemade jar of mole to share later with family and friends!

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is an incredibly popular vacation destination, and for good reason. Home to stunning beaches and ancient Mayan cities as well as plenty of adventure and thrills for visitors willing to explore it further. Additionally, this region is also a culinary mecca, featuring delicious local cuisine ranging from seafood and tropical fruit dishes to handmade tortillas as well as many other dining options – you won’t want to leave this region!

One of the best ways to experience Mexico is through taking part in a cooking class held in a traditional Mexican kitchen. Not only will you learn about ingredients and techniques used in authentic Mexican cooking, but classes are typically hosted by native families who welcome visitors into their homes to share a daily ritual: meal time! Furthermore, traditional Mexican cuisine was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010.

Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort and Hotel Marina El Cid offer 13 distinctive culinary experiences, and there is sure to be one perfect for you on your Riviera Maya trip. Choose between a Cooking Show with Tequila Tasting or Culinary Vacation and discover a world of unique culinary treats found only here in Riviera Maya.

As soon as your sightseeing and exploration have come to an end during your Riviera Maya vacation, head for one of the area’s amazing restaurants for some delicious cuisine. Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen provides access to hundreds of bars and restaurants offering some of the finest meals in town; many even boast outdoor terraces where diners can take in breathtaking views over turquoise waters while dining!

If you’re in search of an exciting night out, book tickets to experience Cirque du Soleil JOYA at Vidanta Theater. This mesmerizing performance will captivate all your senses: Acrobats performing amazing leaps and flips; contortionists bending in unimaginable ways; musicians creating beautiful melodies!


Tulum offers a diverse array of dining experiences, ranging from taco stands and beach eateries to finer establishments that take full advantage of its magnificent natural landscapes. Discover local cuisine with one of Tulum’s acclaimed chefs or participate in an authentic Mexican cooking class complete with stunning cenote views; there is something here for every foodie in Tulum.

Tulum, Mexico’s Mayan archaeological site is one of the country’s most enchanting travel destinations with its white cliffs, beaches and spectacular temples. Occupied by Maya people between 1200-1521 AD as an important trade center for precious stones like obsidian and jadeite; today its remains can be explored for hiking or exploration with incredible structures such as El Castillo (the Castle), Temple of Frescoes and Temple of Descending God being some of its highlights.

Tulum is best visited between November and April when temperatures are cooler, seaweed less of a nuisance on beaches, hotel rates are more reasonable, tours cheaper etc.

Tulum offers a diverse array of restaurants, ranging from family-owned traditional Mexican eateries to high-end concepts combining modern Mexican flavors with international ingredients and influences. Casa Banana stands out for serving delicious short ribs, steak and vegan lasagna in their garden venue; Loco calls itself the Mediterranean Chef’s Kitchen offering both Mexican and Mediterranean dishes; Posada Margherita stands out for serving fresh seafood alongside wood-fired pizza at one of Tulum’s most stunning beaches – these three spots make up Tulum’s dining options!

Tulum offers some incredible culinary experiences, from hands-on Mexican cooking classes and private beach dinners, to the extraordinary Mamazzita restaurant which blends nature with culinary cuisine to reveal its magical essence of Mexican culture. All three experiences will leave you with new skills, memories, and an appetite for more.