Taco Trails – Exploring the Best Taquerias Across Mexico

Taco Trails – Exploring the Best Taquerias Across Mexico

Taco Trails are an exciting way to experience Mexican cuisine. Each restaurant provides their own distinct taste – some more spicy than others!

Some restaurants, like Tortilleria El Molino and Mercado Del Sol, specialize in authentic family recipes from specific regions in Mexico while other locations such as Taqueria 7 Leguas offer more general Mexican foods.

1. Los Moles Hecho En Casa

Even if tacos are just something you enjoy occasionally, the cuisine can vary as much as its roots in culture. With taco trails springing up across the nation to help discover authentic restaurants and trucks offering them, taking you on a culinary journey and offering rewards at various eateries along the way, it is clear they offer something truly delicious!

Concord’s Taco Trail features over 35 Mexican restaurants and taquerias on a single loop that takes less than 90 minutes to cover. The creators took great care in choosing each spot on this culinary treasure trove – “hours of tasty research” went into selecting every location on this trail; among the requirements were that each establishment serve Mexican or Latino cuisine exclusively and not have multiple locations.

This trail will guide you to some of the city’s hidden taco stops along its historic roadside. These eateries and trucks specialize in globally inspired treats; providing evidence that this region offers much for foodies who appreciate south of the border flavors.

This trail offers a vast selection of authentic Mexican cuisine and culture, from the fiery rusticity of Jalisco to Puebla’s authentic street food. While each has their own special touch when it comes to classics like tacos or burritos, they all share one thing in common – mouthwatering flavors that leave you craving more!

2. Taqueria 7 Leguas

Bryan is well known for its delicious tacos. Taquerias in Bryan have even been featured on TV shows such as Master of None for their quality ingredients and flavorful cuisine. To help diners discover these gems more easily, a local food blogger developed Taco Trails: an app which provides users with information on restaurants including menus and contact details as well as connecting them with fellow taco lovers. Download it free here today to experience delicious tacos Bryan has to offer.

Taco Trails stands out from other apps with its innovative reward feature that rewards users as they visit participating restaurants. Based on how many restaurants a user checks into, they could receive anything from stickers to t-shirts based on how many restaurants they visit; one lucky grand prize winner will win an overnight stay and play package from Visit Bryan!

The Bryan Taco Trail was launched in 2021 and features over 40 restaurants that are family-owned and run by either first or second-generation family members, according to its website. This route allows people to experience all of Bryan’s diverse food offerings as well as its flavors that are uniquely Bryan.

Taqueria 7 Leguas is an inviting Mexican eatery known for its authentic cuisine made using recipes handed down through generations and prepared with only top quality ingredients. With an intimate yet rustic atmosphere, the restaurant provides the ideal space to experience great Mexican fare.

This longstanding taqueria has long been a favorite of locals. Renowned for their fresh, flavorful tacos served on handmade tortillas, the staff are knowledgeable about the menu making recommendations easy. As well as tacos this taqueria also provides other Mexican dishes such as tamales and enchiladas!

Master of None’s featured taqueria offers something special, from its inventive burrito bowl to delectable salsas. Their tacos come complete with rice and beans for extra enjoyment!

3. Los Parados

Taco Trails highlight local restaurants acclaimed for outstanding cuisine and service, chosen by a committee of food enthusiasts. Their authentic family recipes provide authentic experiences ranging from soft tacos filled with cheese and meat to succulent barbacoa or slow-cooked stewed goodness of birria – these trails provide the full flavors of Mexican cuisine!

Los Parados stands out for its small space with an enthusiastic line of customers waiting outside its front door. Taqueros work quickly to assemble orders, while customers can conveniently access the condiment bar to customize their tacos as they go. We sampled a dozen tacos al pastor along with arrochera chicken and nopal (cactus) tacos – each bite boasting sweet, savory and hearty flavors which kept us coming back for more and more bites from its vertical spit! We found ourselves coming back over and over again to taste every flavor combination that we could get from the vertical spit!

Taqueros at this small stand are masters at their craft. Meats are served tender and juicy with just the right amount of crunch from subtle charring; their marinades feature bold flavor notes that pair perfectly with an array of toppings and salsas; finally, the salsas boast fresh acidity to enhance flavors found within meat, cacti, or other vegetables.

Lake County restaurants may boast some of the finest tacos around, but this restaurant also has an expansive menu featuring other dishes. Their popular tacos come on delicious soft toasted bread. Their friendly staff offers an upbeat environment perfect for enjoying margaritas while the prices remain very reasonable compared to local establishments. Plus, when downloading their app you’ll get free entry if your GPS is turned on when visiting one of their participating locations!

4. La Santisima

An orchestra of sizzling meat, crisp tortillas and irresistible flavors awaits you on Lake County’s brand new Taco Trail – an app-exclusive passport featuring 23 local Mexican restaurants and taquerias with tasty taco options in one convenient loop.

The taco trail represents the growing Hispanic population and cuisine diversity found within this region. Many restaurants on this trail feature authentic recipes using fresh ingredients while some may also employ traditional family recipes from various regions in Mexico to add an array of unique flavors and textures to its dishes.

La Santisima, one of the restaurants featured, is a popular tourist and local haunt alike. Serving classic Mexican fare like tacos al pastor (roasted pork on a tortilla), as well as other delectable specialties such as tongue (lengua) or stewy pollo (chicken thigh with tomato).

Alongside its traditional Mexican fare, the restaurant also offers several unique taco varieties. Taquitos (small folded corn tortillas served with various fillings and salsas) at this venue are especially popular and allow diners to sample many styles of tacos within one visit.

Tacos are prepared in a large wood-burning oven, giving each dish an irresistibly flavorful exterior crust. Once out of the oven, each plate can then be customized with cheeses and vegetables for garnish. Furthermore, burritos and other entres are available on this menu.

At this restaurant, you will find traditional Mexican cuisine inspired by Mexico City gastronomy. Dishes range from the familiar (al pastor on a tortilla) to more intricate recipes such as chile relleno and chicharron.

Taco Trail provides an ideal alternative for those unable to visit Mexico: at each participating restaurant, diners who order three tacos from one of 23 available will be awarded with a stamp – these stamps can then be collected across participating restaurants before redeeming for a grand prize stay at Hilton Concord hotel – one winner will be chosen on Oct 16 from all Taco Trail Passport holders living outside their area.