Top 5 Tequila and Mezcal Tasting Tours in Mexico

Discover how tequila and mezcal are made during this walking tour through agave fields. After, sample some tequila or mezcal from one of the local distilleries.

Cocktail enthusiasts will adore this artisanal mezcal tasting and mixology class! Learn to create delectable beverages using fruits, citrus, and salts infused in your drinks for maximum flavor!

Explore the production process of mezcal in Oaxaca, its native state. Enjoy tastings at various mezcal distilleries to gain an in-depth understanding.

La Botica

La Botica, one of Mexico’s first mezcal bars, has quickly become an institution. Though located within a larger restaurant plaza, its space feels intimate and relaxing due to the wooden bar and simple decor reminiscent of old-world charm. Nicole: La Botica offers an excellent opportunity to sample various mezcals at an affordable price; each mezcal comes served with orange, carrots, jicama and salt de gusano which help bring out its different aromas and flavors; we tried both Don Chuy Autentico reposado as well as M de Mezcal Joven mezcals which differed significantly with regards smokiness as opposed to smoothness and alcohol flavor respectively.

Cocktails at Plantation 3 Stars artisanal rum, Oloroso sherry, kaffir lime juice, saffron syrup and lemon juice) is well worth trying, while its tropical namesake drink (Monkey 47 Gin mixed with fresh apple juice, passionfruit-vanilla syrup and lemongrass tincture) is equally tempting. You may also choose from low-proof libations, mocktails aperitifs or spirits as you please.

Mezcal may be Mexico’s national drink, but mezcal is fast becoming an international cult favorite. Like tequila, mezcal is made from an agave-based alcohol with complex earthy flavors and smoky notes; unlike its more famous cousin however, sipping slowly to fully appreciate all of its depth is recommended to fully appreciate this complex spirit.

Mezcal is produced in small batches and features an distinctive, smoky flavor, which differs depending on both distillery and region. This aroma comes from its agave fermentation process and what makes mezcal so unique; more and more people are becoming acquainted with this ancient spirit as more mezcal bars and experiences appear worldwide.

An ideal way to gain more insight into mezcal is through a tasting tour. These excursions bring visitors directly into Oaxaca’s mezcal and tequila distilleries where they can witness every step of production firsthand; some tours even include visits to museums dedicated to these two iconic spirits for further insight.

Tequila Museum

No matter your taste or curiosity level when it comes to Mexican spirits, the Museo del Tequila y Mezcal offers something for everyone in Mexico City’s Plaza Garibaldi neighborhood. Offering both education and entertainment with their immersive exhibits and tasting sessions – guided tours are offered of tequila production processes while over 2000 bottles can be seen displayed around the museum for tasting pleasure – this museum promises something for all types of visitors! Come discover 3 tequilas and 2 mezcales!

Tour highlights also include El Llano distillery, where you’ll meet and observe master distiller as they craft small batches of tequila in small batches. In the restaurant you’ll get to sample these estate-made spirits before heading over to taste more. At an included ceramic factory you’ll see bottles being hand painted while having the chance to paint some yourself; plus be able to take in views from above such as Agave Fields as well as taking photos of Tequila Volcano that is visible from this facility!

Upgrade to first class seating on the train for an even more immersive experience, where you will be treated to three perfectly-poured tequila tastings poured directly from a plush booth seated just for you and take in beautiful Jalisco scenery on the two-hour journey back.

Jose Cuervo Distillery in Tequila is Latin America’s oldest tequila distillery, offering tours at their iconic distillery located at the heart of Tequila’s historic center and offering insight into their rich history and traditions. Here you’ll learn how Reserva de la Familia tequila is produced – enjoy tasting this premium product!

Taste tequila at the restaurant and bar located on the top floor of the museum before visiting their gift shop to purchase your favorite bottle as a keepsake! In addition, this tour provides transportation from central Guadalajara directly to the museum.

Hacienda Antigua

At Hacienda Antigua on Cozumel, tequila tours go beyond free storefront tastings that simply offer shots and brief explanations – they take you through every stage of production from start to finish and allow you to taste different varieties produced at this plant. Your guide will walk you through this unique experience before showing you around its facilities with tasting opportunities of their various flavors produced at this facility.

After learning more about agave fields, you will visit a small distillery run by a family-owned family business and gain more insight into its production while participating in professional tequila tasting. Following this exciting activity, enjoy lunch on this stunning property dating back to 1836 before viewing their old bottle collection!

This hacienda stands out as one of the world’s premier properties, having been run by one family for five generations and known for its hospitality. Guests can take advantage of luxurious suites equipped with fireplaces, outdoor pools overlooking valleys, Mango Cocina de Origen restaurant as well as its popular open bar offering an extensive tequila menu – making for an experience not to be forgotten!

As well as offering some of the finest tequila in town, this location makes an excellent place to stay for several nights. Not only does it boast beautiful properties with excellent services; nearby activities include museums dedicated to tequila production as well as the agave landscape that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hacienda Antigua offers all-inclusive package deals for weddings and other events at its Event Center, featuring handcrafted wooden tables and chairs; linens and settings; as well as an event coordinator – perfect for taking their event one step further!

To fully appreciate and understand tequila, it’s necessary to experience its creation first-hand on its source land – this tour of Tequila’s Hacienda is invaluable in this respect! Agave plants can take 10 years before reaching maturity enough for harvest and turning into tequila; knowing this process helps preserve this wonderful beverage!

Mayan Village & Tequila Tour

Are you curious to understand the real taste and meaning behind margaritas? Get acquainted with Mexican culture through tequila with a tasting tour! These daytime excursions often include other activities, like dolphin swimming. All tequila tasting tours require adult participation as they involve drinking alcohol – therefore bring along ID as part of this experience.

Tequila lies an hour northwest of Guadalajara in a lush landscape at the base of dormant Tequila Volcano, where its rich soil creates ideal conditions for growing blue agave, the key ingredient in producing tequila spirit. Take part in this tour to witness its entire production process firsthand, visiting registered distilleries along “La Ruta del Tequila,” or Tequila Trail; from fields filled with blue agave to cobblestone streets you’ll experience its ubiquitous role throughout Mexican cuisine and culture!

As part of your group travel experience, this tequila tour offers everything you could ask for and more! Indulge in tasting the world-famous Tequila; taste authentic cuisine at local restaurants; meet an expert tequila sommelier who can teach your group how to pair tequila with food for optimal pairing, then create your own margarita recipe.

Mexico is famous for its delicious culinary treats. On this tequila and taco tasting tour, you’ll experience authentic Mexican fare prepared by a local chef before receiving instruction on making tasty tacos at home – an unforgettable experience not to be missed for foodies and tequila enthusiasts! This experience should not be missed!

Tulum offers the perfect pairing of food and drink in this experience, where you will explore an hacienda with a host who will explain mezcal production while sampling amazing cuisine and drinks. Couples and groups of all sizes enjoy this exceptional way to explore culture, cuisine, and flavors of Tulum.